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Work Report Organization

Creating a work report is a coordinated effort requiring collaborative workflow. Each of the participating member in the executive committee must have knowledge about where to look for information regarding past events, sessions, meetings, etc…

The process basically involves the following overall workflow :

  1. Information Sourcing [contributors must know where to look for information]
  2. Information Structuring [the workflow must guide the contributors to observe, and record the events based on a data structure]
  3. Report Generation [a static non-interactive document that serve as a formal communication resource, for legal accountability too]
  4. Interaction Reporting [a dynamic interactive document in website to enable easier, explorable visual form]

The Report is not only a formal document that informs accountability because of the potential feedback from the self criticism which in turn emerges from the introspection that might be interpreted while reading it. However the cause-effect properties like introspection, self-critic, regulative feedback, have not been well received in a conventional form like PDF/Printable form. The expressive nature have been highly normalized and requires higher and higher design effort to even make the reader observe the points emphasized. Even then the design-cratic choice might harm the content nature and facts.

The report's purpose is to bring accountability by triggering social, emotional feedback to the individuals as well as the collective. It must at-least bring back the nostalgic memories openly and cherish it when viewed by the members who have provided their hard labour for the movements growth. This labour cherishing, appreciation, and self-criticism are the most valuable part of the work report. Essentially this means that the reader or viewer must at minimum able to feel the hard work and effort contributed towards a collective goal despite frictions. It must alteast detour from boringness, and monotonicity. Since the attention span is highly subjective, pushing down a common form might feel hegemonic creating withdraw habits from any further such reports in future.

It becomes tough to balance between expressiveness and objective communication. The goal does not favour one form or another. As long as the document contributes for regulative feedback, accountability, action plan, nostalgia, sense of bonding across time, solidarity, the methods and tools can be updated collectively.

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