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Have been spit out of education industry after 2009, swam through merciless industrial scientific and technocratic industry, still surviving by rowing with the help of sociopoliticaleconomy understanding learned through experience from existing historical discourse.

Done some independent research, out of sheer curiosity about free software, hardware communities - as inspired by the same philosophy of world view. Have some experience in scientific method of research, instrumentation. Got geeky about spectrometers and still dream about brewing one.

Because of philosophical and quantitative inference, have naturally inspired me to flock towards FSHM, Pondicherry. Very happy. Recently got involved in field visits with networking from fshm, maitrissc and cross community activism.


  1. Independent Research
  2. Geospatial Information Systems + Remote Sensing
  3. Mapping, Cartography
  4. Electronics, Instrumentation
  5. Drawing, Designing, Interaction
  6. Systems Integration
  7. Complexity & Network Theory
  8. Agent Based Modelling
  9. Networked Systems (not restricted to computer networks)
  10. Spectroscopy
  11. Progressive Network of Things


  1. Playing Carom / Scotland Yard / Commonspoly
  2. Watching Movies
  3. Reading Books
  4. Writing, Drawing
  5. Cooking
  6. Solving Rubik's Cube
  7. Amateur Radio, Astronomy
  8. Citizen Science

I have a deadly behaviour of random short temper. Great battle lies within.


  1. Grassroot issues
  2. Policy impact studies
  3. Socio-Technical political communities
  4. Coastal Commons
  5. Collective Civic Research & Action
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