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 +<olmap id="​olMaptest"​ width="​550px"​ height="​450px"​ lat="​50.0"​ lon="​5.1"​ zoom="​12"​ statusbar="​1"​ controls="​1"​ poihoverstyle="​0"​ baselyr="​OpenStreetMap"​ gpxfile=""​ kmlfile=""​ geojsonfile=""​ summary=""​ >
 +~~ Plugin olmap help.
 +~~ Required in the above tag are values for: id (unique on this page), width, heigth.
 +~~ Also you will want to enter zoomlevel and lat, lon values that make sense for where you want the map to start.
 +~~ Below is an example of a POI, you can add as many as you want. ~~ More examples: http://​​plugin:​openlayersmap ​
 +50.0117,​5.1287,​-90,​.8,​marker-green.png,​Pont de Barbouillons;​ Daverdisse \\ external link: [[http://​|]] \\ internal link: [[::​start]]\\ **DW Formatting** ​
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