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 **[[readmorebase|Read more Please...]]** **[[readmorebase|Read more Please...]]**
-===== Critical ​Creative ​Commoning [CCC] =====+===== Critical Commoning [CC] ===== 
 +Critical understanding of **commoning**,​ especially with **Labour** commoning, & **Knowledge** commoning is highly necessary and essential in the networked & information age, and will apply the same to future. In that context as labourers of content producers, code makers, hardware designers, UX designers, artists of digital world, community organizers, hackers who uses radical instruments against coercion, hactivists who uses produce of commons for social issues and causes, etc... all need to be aware of the internal issues and political economy surrounding the **commoning**. Please read further and engage in a [[criticalcommons|Critical Commons]] path. 
 +The following are some of the steps we take in order to realize it:
   * [[booklist|Reading List Collection]]   * [[booklist|Reading List Collection]]
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   * [[listopendata|Open Data available for Hacking, Creation, Fun...]]   * [[listopendata|Open Data available for Hacking, Creation, Fun...]]
   * [[Soctrans|Social Transformation through People'​s Technology]]   * [[Soctrans|Social Transformation through People'​s Technology]]
 +  * [[pragphil|Pragmatic Philosophy]]
 +  * [[genderinclusion|Gender Representation]]
 +  * [[citizenscience|Citizen Science]]
 ==== SIGs & Working Groups ==== ==== SIGs & Working Groups ====
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   * [[listofinfra|List of {Infrastructure,​ Stationaries}]]   * [[listofinfra|List of {Infrastructure,​ Stationaries}]]
   * [[listoffuns|List of {Fun, Game, Sport}]]   * [[listoffuns|List of {Fun, Game, Sport}]]
-  * [[pragphil|Pragmatic Philosophy]] 
-  * [[genderinclusion|Gender Representation]] 
-  * [[citizenscience|Citizen Science]] 
   * [[FSHM Accounts|Accounts Management]]   * [[FSHM Accounts|Accounts Management]]
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