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Social Transformation ?

Society on the whole, is being continuously moulded by the very technology it produces. Most of the times manipulated in favour power establishment, and profit reaping politics. Certainly socio-economic injustice go hand in hand because of corruption of society through technology. In short we make ourselves corruptive through the means of technology.

Every technology, tool, instrument, weapon - out there is because of triumph of people who desired to solve the needs of the people. Fundamental needs historically have been solved through contribution from and to commons. Ownership of such contribution then belongs to the commons, with proper credits and support back to the specific contributors in the community.


Historical socio-economic changes, in the society have created a stratification, or in short differences through division based on some classification parameter that can easily keep people separated recursively. A perfect example for this would be Indian Caste System, and its methods of women dehumanization, oppression over lower caste people by higher caste and higher authorities and normalization of the same. Adding to this situation, economic stratification further helps keep and continue such situation. Thus it is both the social and economic injustice that we always need to fight with.

How would knowledge, and what role did technology plays becomes a key part in the struggle between the oppressor and the oppressed. It is meaningless to not accept there is a rise in expansion of this division and stratification by using technology by the ruling class or the class of the oppressors. Technology becomes the instrument of acceleration of division and separation. It is evident that even rise of fascism is supported by rise of technology in broad day light. Where as technological support for dissent, social action, economic democracy, social equality have an inverse relationship.

Education & Technology

We know very well that education is the programming instrument usually again enclosed by the ruling class to spread their long term strategy. It can be fascism, capitalism, caste-ism, racism, etc… But point to be noted is that education can easily appropriated and converted as a weapon of mass destruction instead of a democratic instrument supporting social audit, dissent, and progression.

Society learns technology through education and through usage. Those who want to own the means of production privately, at first uses the current stratification and a back-throttling strategy dictating the essential resources that matches the labour requirements of privatization. Thus owning the means of production and purchasing labour easily from a competition/market ridden enclosure method yields an education system that produces students of desired skill (highly specific to match the private requirements). This results in a Labour pool or a Reserve Army of Labour.

Thus we have Privatization of Production as well as Privatization of Education, along with caste based social hierarchy and oppression. All these three vertices gets triangulated to target further progression or annihilates any further effort to do so in-spite the awareness and consciousness.

The point to be noted is that it is Technology (not dictated by science - thus anti-scientific), dictated by privatization and caste/race systems are pushed to the education system. Students learn technologies, tools, to produce privatized tools, instruments, that further accelerates and expands the current separatist strategy. The grave irony is we are in a economic situation that need to work 5 days in support of this system of division, while the remaining 2 days we act/wish to against it - in a weeks time.

Thus supporting or acting in favour of technology that supports such politics will obviously creates a bleak and grave imagination of future in our minds. We need to learn how to turn around and think how to stop this - possibly in all spaces and places.

Language & Technology

Technological platforms and services have even the power to convert the standardized meaning and interpretation of language itself. Languages evolve and changes constantly. But changing the fundamental interpretation in the masses is a difficult thing to accomplish. Replacement of verbs with nouns is often a well known indicator of such state of the society.

For instance :

No. Usage of Verb Replaced by Noun Technology
1. Search Google Proprietary + Centralized Search Engine
2. Messages Whats app Proprietary + Centralized Internet Messaging Application/Service
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