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Special Interest Groups

SIGs, are a form of operational mode to make the community more engaging for the volunteers and participants alike. This enables us to manage the diverse interests while working towards a common goal using such diverse perspectives. SIG's are not only atomic part to engage in projects, but also a provides a way for easier learning pathways for anybody interested. SIG help to better move the community by creating a engaging spirit based on active projects that not only reflect the current state of free software and hardware tools, technologies possible to illustrate, but also to work towards common goals while engaing participating individuals in their interested fields and work areas.

The following are the identified SIG of FSHM.

No. Group Name Work Area
1. Complexers Complexity Theory & Complex Systems
2. Envirorers Citizen Science, Environment Monitoring
3. Swarmers Swarming, Complexity, Bioinspiration
4. Weatherers Citizen Science, Weather Data collection
5. Geolovers GIS, RS, OSM, HOT
6. Pubs Open Access, Scientific Publishing, Sci-hub, Type Setting
7. Data Theriars Open Data, Data Analytics, Data Visualization
8. Zen Arters Generative Art, Complexity
9. Localers Localization, Translation, Transcription
10. Control Systems Art & Science Sensors, Actuators, Control Systems, Embedded Systems, PLC, PAC
11. PNOT'ers Progressing Network of Things, Embedded Systems, Communication
12. Designistas Interaction designing, Experience, Accessibility
13. Emplayers Electromagnetics, RF, Radio, SDR, Antenna building
14. Optocores Telescopy, Microscopy, Spectroscopy, Optics, Sensors, Measurement, Analysis, Exploration
15. CBPPers Commons based peer production, 3D printing, Inhouse making
16. Selfhosters Selfhosting Web, Database, Static Websites, Monitoring
17. Hammers Free Radio Communication, Amateur Radio
18. CommNetters Community Nets, Community Radio, Mesh Nets
19. Offgridders Electric power generation, Mgmt, Communication
20. First Responders Disaster Response, Rescue, Relief, HAM & Disaster Radio communication, Mobile mapping
21. Coopers Labour, Business Model Generation, Idea to Project to People, Revenue, Cooperation
22. Hacktivism Field Visiting, Applying FOSS/H to field, Activism
23. Realtors Socio-technological dialectics, Neo-liberal dataism
24. AIDS + ACID (Algorithm, Internet, Data, Society & Automation, Consumption, Identity, Division)
25. Digital Humanities Aid for digital humanities & social, political sciences
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