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Secret Alien Technology

What is this?

This is a study group to learn, practice and master programming through Lisps with a special interest on Clojure.

What is a study group?

People come together to study, discuss and learn a particular subject. This is allows for people of different skills and knowledge to learn things at a pace and method which suits every individual the best.

Who should join?

Beginners, experts, curious cats, anyone interested to know programming or get better at it is welcome.

What are you going to do?

You are going to learn, discuss and share your knowledge with each other.

How are you going to do it?

No one is left behind, no one is junior and everyone can share their knowledge with each other because the platform is very much concise and short.

Where & When?


 1st Floor,
 Above Trinity music school,
 No 56, Laporte Street
 Pondicherry - 605001


  Every Tuesday & Thursday 
  07:30PM at Maitri    

How do I get started?

General stuff

About Clojure



Advanced Clojure

Books on Clojure

Books on Programming

Books on Lisps


Learning by doing

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