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Collection of Digital Resource Materials that are for & by commons - Cheatsheets, Process, Workflows , etc.

No. Path Description Field/Application
1. Research Materials & Workflow that are vital for Research in general Statistics, Maths
2. Digital Humanities Tunable Tool based workflow/process for Social/Political Economy Research Data, Analysis, Visualization, Story telling
3. Design Workflow for Design, Illustration generation, UI/UX Psychology, Interaction
4. Programming Workflow for learning actual programming Algorithms, Computing
5. Mapping Workflow, Resources for Mapping GIS, WebGIS, Cartography
6. Publication Workflow, Resources to learn publishing papers, books Publication
7. Media Workflow, Resources to practice & govern media Podcasts, Blogging, Newsletter
8. Animation Workflow, Resources to learn & generate Graphics, Animations Modeling, Animation, Characterization
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