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Managing Commons

The more we speak about commons, commoning, creativity from such commons - it becomes more and more a necessary to have a commonized protocol that help manage common resources without any variance between set of commoned resources. Since we care about both material and immaterial commons, to manage it progressively, we need to frame a protocol that is inclusive as well as help to be productive without damaging Accessibility, Availability, Affordability in any way.

  1. Every commoned resources that are declared are part of FSHM, contributed as either gifts or as donations or made by the community itself must be treated equally.
  2. The resource must be manifested as information in the wiki along with the contributors name - crediting and attributing their contribution.
  3. Any responsible volunteer or member of the community interested in that particular resource or group of resources shall propose for taking responsibility. They must have complete knowledge on how the resource works, how it must be maintained, where to buy the spares if needed.
  4. The resource can be requested by member of the community after illustrating their requirment of usage. It can range from being playful to being using in a scientific experiment. Once it has been agreed on case by case basis, the responsibility will be transfered to the requestee and any damage to the resource from that point of time, shall be beared upon the person or by the group that uses it.
  5. Indefinite usage of available resource will lead to resource starvation (like libraries), and thus a timeframe can be decided on case by case basis to inform to the community transparently - so that a social tracking can be made possible and anyone can know whom to enquiry for the resource (either the member who took the main responsibility for managing or the member who requested to use it presently)
  6. If the resource needs to be accessed physically outside FSHM space, for inter organizational effort, then the members of the community (atleast 3) must take responsibility to take care and completely get to know about the resource completely to use in public spaces.
  7. Selling resources is not allowed and is condemnable.
  8. Every resource must be catalogued in the wiki as soon as contribution happens. Failing to do so, will make it virtually inaccessible, and may disappear from usage.


Any action that damage the solidarity of the community and shared nature such as starvation or monopoly must be allowed to questionable democratically and necessary steps must be taken to further eradicate such practices.

Apart from managing through Wiki - in a social manner, soon the community will come up with a semi-automated system where social participation and technology will be amalgamated to ease of operations and managing resources along with other functionalities required while avoiding being technocratic.

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