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Being a action group, we love to add value to our labour, intellect and time through progressive projects which in one or other way might be helpful to atleast a particular section of the society - directly or indirectly. We take rational care not to produce projects just on technocratic basis. Almost all of the projects will have socially useful part in it. All that we create and use have to be Free/Libre Open Source Software and Open Hardware designs. These projects need to transit the community/movement/organization further towards the desired vision and goals.

Projects Ideas Proposed

No. Project Name Description Platform Tools Status Contact
1 ComNet Build/Use OpenWRT image for hackable Routers Networking, Mesh, Decentralization, Selfhosting, Internet Arch. GNU/Linux Kernel, Mesh protocols OPEN Mr.Prasanna
2 Votooth Visualize the polling booths for all constituencies with OpenStreetMap as base layer Web leafletjs, geojson OPEN Mr.Prasanna
3 Mapboard improving the existing leaderboard with better UI/UX Web HTML,CSS,JS INVOKED Mr.Prasanna
4 NodeMesh Mesh networking ESP8266 based microcontrollers for use in OpenHardware projects DEW Platformio, wifimesh OPEN Mr.Ganesh
5 Feather Continuing to improve Weather monitoring station DEW, Electromechanical, Sensors, DAQ, Instrumentation Beaglebone, SDR, Python, Sensors OPEN Mr.Maniraj, Mr.Sharath, Mr.Karthi, Mr.Naveen
6 FOSMC Recreating Fictiv's FOSMC project with local first & CBPP aproach DEW, Mechanical FreeCAD, OpenSCAD, Antimony OPEN Mr.Kavin
7 Ultrascope Reiterating OpenSpace Foundation, Europe's Ultrascope project DEW, Optomechanics 3Dprinter, Optics, Sensors, Actuators OPEN Mr.Ganesh
8 Inspectscope Building a spectrometer, Community Data collection, Analysis, Instrumentation DEW, Sensors, Actuators, Optics, Data Science, Chemometrics FreeCAD, Engauge, Grace, Scikit, Orange OPEN Mr.Ganesh
9 PocketLab Build/Use a PSLab - IUAC smart pocket instrument DEW, Sensors, Actuators, Optics, Data Science Android, PyQWT OPEN Mr.Ganesh
10 GenArt Audio Visual - Algorthmic Generation of Creative Stimulus Generative Art, Randomness, Pattern Nodebox, OFW, Processing, PureData, Alchemy OPEN Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Suriyadeepan
11 Tamil OCR Build/Use Tamil OCR for digitation, Localization Localization, Data, ML Go, Tesseract, JS ,Tensorflow, Python,Opencv OPEN Mr.Kamalavelan Mr. Arunekumar
12 Ludus Participation & Engagement platform for communes Web, Python Backend Django, HTML, CSS, JS INVOKED Mr.Kamalavelan
13 OpGeoPond Geoportal to organize and curate open spatial data Web GIS OpenLayes, Django, OSM, POSM OPEN Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Kamalavelan
14 ProgNOT Progressive Network of Things DEW, Sensors, Actuators, DAQ, Networking, Analytics, Interaction Android, Qt, PWA, Processing, OFW, Javafx, ESP8266, eLua, CupCarbon OPEN Mr.Ganesh
15 RoadProfiler Road profiling, Road N/W, Accidents, Quality DEW, Sensors, Data Science, Statistics, GIS-Mapping GPS, Accelerometers, uC, Android, Scikit, Orange, OSM OPEN Mr.Prasanna,Mr.Ganesh
16 DnD CC based Board Game Game Design Board Game, Godot? OPEN Mr. Harikrishnan,Mr.Kamalavelan,Mr.Ganesh
17 WikiHow Offline Dump WikiHow is a huge collection of many HowTo articles from various domains. The content of WikiHow is available under cc-by-sa-nc license. WikiHow is powered by a modified version of MediaWiki software that powers Wikipedia. We need to create a program that can produce output in Zim format Web Crawler Any programming language OPEN Mr.Prasanna Mr. Marie Infantraj - MCA, SMVEC
18 B-R-B B-R-B is a video game to highlight socioeconomic injustices and fight against them. Video Game Godot, Clojure? OPEN Mr.KamalMr.Selva
19 FRO FRO is a free hardware, software instrumentation project with goals to free household RO systems to measure water quality and manage water consumption. Hardware Arduino, BBB, RPi OPEN Mr.Ganesh

Work in Progress

These are projects that we have clear strategy and roadmap plan for. The projects locked here must have a high degree of common interest vested by the members of the community. Only such projects will reach a balance between focus, responsibilities, actions.

No. Project Coordinator Start Date Passionate Status Members Involved
1 Mapboard Mr.Prasanna 1st-November-2018 HTML,CSS,JS, Web GIS, OSM Participation Needed Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Kamalavelan
2 Ludus Mr.Kamalavelan 1st-November-2018 Python, Django, Clojure Participation Needed Mr.Kamalavelan, Mr.Noordine
3 Feather Maniraj 3rd- December-2018 OpenHardware, Python Intern Needed Maniraj

Completed Projects

No. Project Coordinator Start Date End Date Passionate Status Members Involved Deployment User
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