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 +====== WikiHow Offline Dump ======
 +===== Introduction =====
 +[[https://​|WikiHow]] is a famous wiki for various HowTo'​s. Like Wikipedia, everyone can contribute to WikiHow and all the contents are also available under Creative Commons Attribution,​ Share Alike, Non-Commercial license, which means the content is free to download and can be shared with anyone for non-commercial purposes.
 +There also exist another wonderful FLOSS project called [[https://​​|Kiwix]] which allows such contents prepared in [[https://​​wiki/​OpenZIM|Zim format]] to be read offline as well as to serve them locally in a network.
 +Kiwix + {Wikimedia Projects} is already doing great. If we can bring WikiHow to Kiwix as Zim archive, that would be super useful for people who don't need to rely on Internet connections.
 +Unfortunately WikiHow is not providing dumps to download unlike Wikimedia projects which allows periodic dumps to be downloaded.
 +Like Wikipedia, WikiHow is also powered by MediaWiki software (modified). therefore it can be accessed via MediaWiki API.
 +===== What is required? =====
 +  * A crawler for WikiHow website which can then parse each pages and prepare Zim archive.
 +===== What has been done already? =====
 +  * Kiwix team has a nodejs based crawler called [[https://​​kiwix/​mwoffliner/​|mwoffliner]] which is used to prepare zim files for various wikimedia projects.
 +  * Using mwoffliner for WikiHow has failed in previous attempts and it has been discussed [[https://​​openzim/​mwoffliner/​issues/​10|here]].
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