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WikiHow Offline Dump


WikiHow is a famous wiki for various HowTo's. Like Wikipedia, everyone can contribute to WikiHow and all the contents are also available under Creative Commons Attribution, Share Alike, Non-Commercial license, which means the content is free to download and can be shared with anyone for non-commercial purposes.

There also exist another wonderful FLOSS project called Kiwix which allows such contents prepared in Zim format to be read offline as well as to serve them locally in a network.

Kiwix + {Wikimedia Projects} is already doing great. If we can bring WikiHow to Kiwix as Zim archive, that would be super useful for people who don't need to rely on Internet connections.

Unfortunately WikiHow is not providing dumps to download unlike Wikimedia projects which allows periodic dumps to be downloaded.

Like Wikipedia, WikiHow is also powered by MediaWiki software (modified). therefore it can be accessed via MediaWiki API.

What is required?

  • A crawler for WikiHow website which can then parse each pages and prepare Zim archive.

What has been done already?

  • Kiwix team has a nodejs based crawler called mwoffliner which is used to prepare zim files for various wikimedia projects.
  • Using mwoffliner for WikiHow has failed in previous attempts and it has been discussed here.
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