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We use motorbike (or) bicycle daily to travel within the city. Let it be going to office, or to buy things from shop, etc., and wherever we go we also carry our smartphone with us. Today all the smartphones comes with GPS (Global Positioning System) as well as Accelerometer sensor with it.

Utilizing both GPS and Accelerometer data from smartphone recorded during a trip, a research paper suggests that we can calculate the roughness of the road using a parameter called as International Roughness Index (IRI).

What is required?

  • Android App to implement the algorithm to compute IRI as proposed in the above paper.
  • A Web based platform which enables android app users to upload computed values along with GPS & Accelerometer data (anonymized for protecting user's privacy) and also enables anyone to visualize the road roughness conditions.

What has been done?


  • Android App should be in GPL version 3.
  • Web based platform should be in AGPL.
  • Data should be available under Open Data license.
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