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Why ?

Geography, Mapping, Environemnt, Land, and allied infrastructures are extremely important to socio-economic development, which have been continuously been influenced and forged by the science and technology foundry. However, as we grow out of school and colleges except those who have specifically educated in geoscience/geology - do not have very good working knowledge about it.


Sprading the knowledge of geology/geomorphology both at global level and at local level is vital and makes it more democratic and accessible for commons. Getting to know about the environment through first hand field visits and explorative travel is more important than using modern instruments and communicating devices to survey, draw, build, replicate maps. Through maps one can see how big the planet is and how resourceful it is.

The strategy of bringing the geo-awareness is a mix of physical exploration, survey and deploying modern digital instruments and software tools to visualize, design and interpret maps that make more sense from several different aspects such as cultural, physical, hydrological, coastal, weather, economic, social etc…

Leaderboard Application

Prasanna Venkatesh, has made a OpenStreetMap contribution Leaderboard web application by 2017, which has resulted in a good number of contribution from various participants, which is more of a social aspect of competitive contribution through collaborative tools and practices. To further improve it and deploy the same as a mobile application this year, Prasanna Venkatesh, Kamalavelan, Ganesh had planned to design and develop the application and release it to the public at the right time.


by: Ganesh - CCBYSA4.0


by: Ganesh - CCBYSA4.0

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