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Tools and Instruments are necessary to keep the communities flow towards the visions and broader goals. Fluidity in structure needs to be combated with guide-lining principles and labour process involved in community organization. This includes addressing both the individual needs, passion, thought process as well as community level growth and action. Both are complementary and are sides of the same social coin. Leaving one for the other will leave the other valueless and thus rob self esteem off it. A empathizing community must always be aware of that and must consciously include in all small to bigger decisions. While following it, community must also have a level of threshold for tolerance towards individual's neo-liberal behavior and organization's authority. All possible anti-patterns that carry anti-collective spirit must be recognized and contained carefully.

Any individual who is attracted towards the community must be guided through pathways of observation, thinking, learning, fun, action, to reach Critical Self Cultivation process, & Critical Education : encompassing - Courage, Confidence & Critical Thinking.

As a tool, hacktivist must be a integrating instrument to NOT govern but guide and route the community members for learning, engaging actively, and gradually involve themselves in critical learning, thinking and gain courage, confidence for suitable action at necessary scale using the skills and knowledge. Such a tool will be of a great pipeline guidance for the executive committee to regulate and grow collectively by not surveillance of the individual but through feedbacks of empathy and qualitative evaluation - as a practice of measurement. This measurement shall be applicable while evaluating a individual for further growth and acknowledgement to handle even important learning and responsibilities. Apart from evaluating during the growth recognition process, such conscious measurement/evaluation against set of parameters is completely unnecessary, but can be innovatively handle evaluation of the self to the individual nearly imitating a mirror, that would help the individual assess themselves through introspection, retrospection. It becomes a powerful tool when the individual can able to compare the relative growth. Also if the individual seem to get anxious or nervous this shall be disabled on the basis of request from the individual.

Care must be taken that hacktivist shall only be constructed as a instrument of construction for community, by taking the most repetitive and humanly difficult task, and wherever automation does not anywhere kill the social activity of the community members. The hacktivist must not turn the community growth cycle into some kind of vicious cycle. All kinds of critical question and change can be proposed to enhance and adapt the social necessities but towards a common progression and against oppression, exploitation.

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