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How to Make your desktop productive & Creative

Our computers are our productive instruments. The material basis of our productive instruments are manifested from collecive labour and environmental resources that are often rare and sourced from conflict zones. This pushes us to procure proper instrument and also to responsibly use it, maintain it, and recycle/reuse it - so that it shall not get dumped as e-waste in general.

Now when it comes to using computers and being productive, focus on the subject matter and minimal interference from the operating system platform is essential as they might come in the way of organizing thought trains which are yet to be transfered/translated digitally by the user. This essentially can be interpreted as design of User Interface & User Interaction with the Instrument. The design shall be minimal, intuitive, optimal options for customization, feel easy, etc…

In GNU/Linux Operating System for Computers, diversity in UI/UX is itself becoming a confusing factor for a user - be it a new comer or hacker, or expert system administrator. Everybody has their own taste of customizing their desktop interface that actually represents their identity, politics, expression, etc…

We here are attempting to list productive and creative user interfaces - called as Desktop Managers that bridges the human with the silicon effeciently and creatively.



Eagle Mode


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