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Resource Kits for Community Engagement & Peer Education

Community when working as a movement concerned with some social issues, educating, organizing, and agitating peers and new comers with science and critical thinking becomes a essential part of the work as well as part of wider goals. Usually community with its sheer ability to explore with different corners, angles, and from different walks of life of individuals, generate and link lot of debatable, discussable, learnable, unlearning resources. These may be based on specific themes, events of social issues, etc… However any discussion happening involves curation of information, associated research materials, derived understanding, statements, press releases, collaboratively generated social media contents and documents that are matured enough to intervene in social, cultural, legal ways possible.

With such a heavy responsibilities movement needs a “lot” of “quality” peers that can able to relate with each other on common themes and interests in first place. This is where GLUG's commonly come into place. Emerging from both private and public educational institutions walking with contemporary technological realities, is the best place to brew a decentralized community, extending the philosophy and practice into the institutions that are traditionally rigid and obedient to establishments. This seeps progressive culture into the students mind and must have goals to cultivate critical thinking and practice culture. However this is easy to say.

A network of peers is a prerequisite, which can be attracted and organized through social programmes formed as in the organizing workflow. This would eventually develop into associations between peers across disciplines, professions, ages, gender - primarily eroding the social differences enforced because of patriarchal, caste & class ridden culture until the emergence of this network. After formation of such proto network, proto community (core or executive) must provide learning and knowledge dissemination materials to the leaders in each institutions leading the GLUG's.

The following need to be kept ready and refresh to adapt changes in society, so that the GLUG leaders can address their friends and peers with reality as well as with principles :

No. Resource Kit For? Activity?
1. Reading List Awareness, Thinking Reading Circles
2. Migration Guides Life style balance To guide masses to move towards better communication services
3. Data Detox Kit Society, Life To learn and further share about influence of data on lives
4. Digital First Aid Kit Digital Emergency Support against the most common types of digital emergencies
5. Privacy International Learning Resources Privacy Awareness Learn how privacy connects deeply with personal and social life
6. EPW Debate Kits Understanding Reality Explorable explanations of Social Reality
7. Discussion Maps Observing Historical discussions Interesting way to explore the flow of critical discussions
8. Tricontinental Notebooks Critical innerviews Learning beyond paywalls, access denials for critical thinking
9. Business Design Business Modeling To critically think on socially responsible business initiatives
10. Our World in Data Census/Report - Data based Reality Representation To understand the reality based on factual data
11. Inequality Fact Test Where are we within Inequality To observe & sink in the reality of Inequality
12. Programming Historian How to apply programming in Reality To learn how to use tech. for social cause through history
13. Making Sense Programmable HW for Social good To learn to use OHW for Environmental monitoring
14. Together Toolkits Building local resilience To build local strong socially resilient communcations
15. Addiction Testkits Psychological Self Regulation To realize addiction behavior, and to slowly regulate with social support
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