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-====== Scientific Peer Reviewed Publications ====== 
-Science manifests with democracy, transparency, responsibility, empathy, change, unlearning. Being a scientific movement, several of our members and volunteers who has experience in research methodoligies, scientific exploration, experimentation, reviewing, collaborating, publish their thesis, journal papers, etc - manifesting their research findings, facts, theoretical reviews, methods, technologies and tools etc in their respective field of work. Research work is not an end in itself. It does not stops with prescription or analytics, it extends to field work and further influences rationally to be sane and act critically as a collective. 
-The following are the list of publications made by : the members through their respective organization of employment; FSHM from their collaboration with or who works/volunteers with free culture societies/communities. Publications represented/shared here is possible via open access. We do also support radical alternative ways of accessing the publications only when it is not openly accessible. 
-^ No. ^  Title  ^  Organization  ^  Type  ^  Author(s)  ^  Year  | 
-| 1. | [[|Democratic Practices in Technology and Developing Scieties]] | University of Madras | Doctrate Thesis | Dr.Balasubramanian | July 2016 | 
-| 2. | [[|Collaborative peer production as an alternative to hierarchical internet based business systems]] | CSIR, Chennai | Journal | [[user:ganesh|G.Ganesh]], D.Solanky, R.Govindaraj | July 2015 |  
-| 3. | [[|A Report on Puducherry Govt. Websites Configuration (Tamil)]] | FSHM, Puducherry | Study | [[user:prashere|Prasanna Venkadesh]] | December 2018 | 
-| 4. | [[|Study on Diversity & Status of Avifauna in CUTN, Thiruvarur, India]] | Central University of TamilNadu | M.Sc. Thesis | Sakthi Narpavi | May 2019 | 
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