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Volunteering is a vital part of any organization that has goals and vision in terms of social responsibility and action. FSHM has attracted several volunteers from local places to nearby cities, towns and states. Volunteering is the core of participation. All present members are/were volunteer at some point of time. Even when they do not participate in executive decisions of the community, they form a powerful base for organizing and implementing the actions. They realize themself as supporting pillars through which any vision and mission could be built upon.

Inviting newcomers as volunteers for participation is also one of the active operations of the movement. This influx defines the capacity for which the community can function in future carrying over the philosophies and principles while understanding the dialectivs in reality. All executive members are volunteers but the vice versa wont be apt.

The following are the list of known volunteers who actively and regularly participate in community activities :

No. Name About
1. name what like to contribute
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