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What ?

Getting a place to discuss, deliberate, to read, to share stuff, to decide actions are really getting either tougher and tougher or else hyping in cost. Inspite of such difficulties community from its early days has networked with similar forums, communities and organizations - has helped it to use the donated spaces to organize community meetups, workshops, events, etc…

Currently we are conducting meeting at a social science collective called Maitri. This place is organized, & maintained by dedicated group of social researchers working both at the grass root level as well as academic level. Maitri has been dedicated to conduct diverse group meetings ranging from deliberation of roadmap for a particular socio-economic cause, to organize grass root activists and equip them with sufficient knowledge and tools, to connect pepole from university academia to places of environment struggle, to enable socio-technological debates, to provide space for reading groups, to support independent researchers from outstation, to support university doctrate students with knowledge material such as book, internet, other associated people.

Why ?

In short, it is a higly diverse and interdisciplinary space, where people from several communities organize to brainstorm their critical thinking and pathway for action. Currently the place is maintained by few people from Puducherry University, FSHM, Coopon, etc.. However, the organizing responsibility rests with the original social science collective members.

People from FSH movements through this place, where enabled to access doors to make themselves active in political economy realm. It has provided oppurtunities to execute their philosophical/technological skill at the field - so that they can clear the benign tumors of technocracy in their mind, while learning technology, thus resulting in a form of thinking which is scientific and critical.


  • No. 56, Laporte Street,
  • 2nd floor, above Trinity Music School,
  • MG Road,
  • Puducherry - 1.
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