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Members, Volunteers, Particiants needs basic infrastructure that provide to carry on day to day tasks in orderly fashion. Following are the voluntarily contributed material goods which keeps us running. The items listed here are expected to be in working condition atleast around the time of contribution. If things are donated of which functionality is inert, are kept under Experimentation/Hacking.

List of Infrastructure Items

S.N. Name Quantity Status DIY / Purchase Purpose Contributed By
1 Paper + Sketch 1 Good Purchase Stationary Mr.Arunekumar
2 Ceiling Fan 1 Good Purchase Infrastructure Mr.Kamalavelan
3 Dell i5 Workstation 1 Good Donated Infrastructure Dr.Balasubramanian
4 Freecom FSG-3 Storage Gateway 1 Good Donated Infrastructure Dr.Balasubramanian
5 Projector 1 Good Collective Contribution Infrastructure Mr.Prasanna Venkatesh, Mr.Ganesh, Mr.Kamalavelan, Mr.Ragulkanth Mr.Niranjan Bharathi
6 Typewriter 1 Good Seconds Purchase Infrastructure Coopon {Mr.Ragulkanth, Mr.Ganesh}
7 Small Camera Tripod 1 Light Damage Donated Infrastructure Mr.Ganesh
8 Creative Stereo Speaker 2.0 1 Good Donated Infrastructure Mr.Maniraj
9 Creative Stereo Speaker with Bass 2.1 1 Good Donated Infrastructure Maitre SSC
10 BPL AM/FM Radio with Recorder 1 Yet to Test Donated Infrastructure
11 40GB Seagate IDE HDD 2 Yet to Test Donated Infrastructure Mr.Ganesh
12 80GB Seagate IDE HDD 1 Yet to Test Donated Infrastructure Mr.Ganesh
13 CD/DVD RW IDE 1 Good Donated Infrastructure Mr.Ganesh

List of Infrastructure Services

Name of the service Software Stack Status Maintainers/Admins
Community Wiki (this site) dokuwiki DONE Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Kamalavelan
Community Cloud Nextcloud DONE Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Kamalavelan
Community Blog Ghost DONE Mr.Prasanna, Mr.Kamalavelan
Federated Status Messages Mastodon/Pleroma/GNU Social or any Activity-Pub compatible stack OPEN
Participatory Platform Ludus OPEN Mr.Kamalavelan
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