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Support for Software Freedom Day 2018

SFD 2018, as a regular community effort, this time happened with huge support from individuals financial contribution from within the community as well as externally. Fundraising is managed mostly by Mr.Kamalavelan, Mr.Maniraj, Prasanna Venkatesh, Mr.Ragulkanth, Mr.Vikneswaran. Whole hearted contribution from the volunteers are listed below.

Venue support is provided by Petit Seminaire School, with help from senior Puducherry Science Forum member.

No. Name Contribution
1. Bala Rs.500/-
2. Bala Priya Rs.500/-
3. Devasana Rs.500/-
4. Haripriya Rs.100/-
5. Kavine Rs.500/-
6. Lalith Rs.1000/-
7. Mugil Rs.1000/-
8. Naveen Rs.500/-
9. Priyadarshini Magnifique Rs.201/-
10. Sairam Rs.500/-
11. Sankaranand Rs.500/-
12. Sarath Rs.500/-
13. Shravana Rs.2000/-
14. Sindhuja Rs.1000/-
15. Snekha Rs.500/-
16. Suriya Rs.200/-
17. Vimal Rs.1000/-
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