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Fund Raising

Even when we desire and act for mostly DIY type tool making, until such projects are realized to the fullest, we shall transit to use the existing tools, instruments - especially with respect to hardware where alternatives are relatively neither easy not abundant. To undergo such transition, we shall explore and find the suitable - more hackable & affordable thing in the market. Material availability is essential for any movement, and in that perspective FSHM having Hardware vision has to go through the transition until it becomes self supportive and sustainable. The things requested here shall be put to common, and community use. Shared Financial Contribution will make the purchase more affordable and economic, so that purcase load upon few individuals will be alleviated, after meeting the cost goal.

One Executive member will be periodically volunteering to curate the contribution. Their bank account detail is published here for anybody who is willing to make a financial contribution towards specific fundraising goals. This time Mr.Maniraj voluntarily took the responsibility to curate the funds and thus the account details as following.

Bank Account Details: Mr.Maniraj

Account Name MANIRAJ
Account Number 20193796464
Address No: 56, La Porte Street, MG Road, Puducherry - 605001
Bank State Bank of India
Branch Code 12798
IFS Code SBIN0012798

Present Fundraising Event(s)

The Following Present Fundraising is going on, and each will be finished only after completing the required support. Each fundraising event will always be preserved for future accountability, history and financial management properly.

  • 3D Printer

Past Fundraising Event(s)

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