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Beginners Telescope

Goal Funded
Status Telescope Arrived via India Post

To inspire and inculcate scientific temper within the community members, volunteers and new participants in the community, we believe tools like telescope are essential. We had searched to purchase a telescope within our possible financial reach. However we still stand on making one collaboratively with the free(dom)ly open design - required special machines - which puts us to a decision to purchase the instrument. This requires embracement of contributions which will be put to good common use with transparent management and responsibility. Being said that, we also have hacking plans to augment the telescope with open hardware tinkering.


Since the funds are contributed for a common purpose, meeting its goals, managing it as a commons resources becomes necessary. Protocols will be decided by executive committee democratically. Promulgating the protocols is in the hands of members and volunteers by volunteering the roles and responsibilities over the resource - in this case Commons Telescope.



Do take a look the telescope specification.

No. Parameter Specification or Characteristics
1. Type Reflector
2. Optical Aperture 76mm/3“
3. Focal Length 700mm/28”
4. Tracking Manual - Azimuth, Altitude with vertical adjustment from Tripod
5. Barlow Lens 2x, 4mm, 12.5mm, 20mm
6. Erecting Lens 1.5x
7. Operating Manual Yes
8. Accessory Tray Included


Please do contribute to the bank account specified in the previous page.

To REACH : Rs. 8000/-

No. Name of Contributor Contribution
1. Noordine Rs. 100/-
2. Prasanna Venkatesh Rs. 500/-
3. Ganesh Gopal Rs. 500/-
4. Selva Kumar Rs. 500/-
5. Arun Prasath Rs. 3,000/-
6. Arunekumar Bala Rs. 500/-
7. Balaji Ravichandran Rs. 100/-
8. Shravana Rs. 700/-
9. Rupesh Rs. 500/-
10. Arularasan Rs. 170/-
11. Sarath Kumar Rs. 500/-
12. Uppili Pranav Rs. 500/-
13. Naveen Prasanth Rs. 500/-
14. Manimaran Rs. 130/-
15. Raghu Menon Rs. 500/-
16. Kamalavelan Rs.60/-
Cummulative Rs. 8,760/-


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