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Digital Humanities

With ever increasing addition of digital tools, relying on digitized information through collaborative collection, annotation, review, validation, archiving becomes more and more a necessary for both exploration as well as a pedagogy tool to bridge the expressive gap between the learners. To express the context of historical timelines, informational raconteur of stories, anomaly events at present, times of paradigm shift, shift in thought process for the society, details at breadth and depth of a event, etc… all necessarily need diverse kind of expression that rely upon different modes of story telling using digital means, in other words utilizing digital media. Thus communities building tools and workflows for such purpose are essentially media labs focused more on humanities, politics, economics, social sciences, philosophy, history etc…

No. Purpose Tool
1. A Web and Mobile App Framework for publishing location-based content using the Omeka CMS CurateScape
2. Story Telling by Comparing two instances before & after some event Juxtapose, Git
3. Story Telling based on a panaromic scene on a specific location during some event Scene, Git
4. Story Telling based on a recorded conversation in interview, casual, on a event… Sound Cite, Git
5. Story Telling using facts based on quantitative as well as descriptive information StoryLine, Git
6. Story Telling based on a series of documented events at certain locations with time StoryMap, Git
7. Story Telling based on a series of historical events based on Time Timeline, Git
8. Visualizing Complex Networks CytoScape, Git
9. Drawing Data from linked Data Sources DataPen, Git
10. Meta Visualization for Tablated Data Breve, Git
11. Visualizing, Data Refining, Linking, Map View, Graph View, Filters Palladio, Git
12. Sophisticated Text Analysis, Retrieval TAPoR
13. Shared Data source Collaboration for Newsrooms Propublica, Git, Book
14. Story Telling for Empathy using News Gaming, Games Twinery, Git
15. Story Telling on Steroids (uses D3….) Timeline Story Teller

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