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 +We will be delving on basic Measurement & Instrumentation to start with, and how that is useful in recognizing behavior of a system (closed) through different stimuli and response observation. Further we shall see how to mathematically model systems in general - may it be mechanical, electrical, chemical, etc... and depending upon the observed number of variables the model can grow complicated to explain its behaviour we recorded earlier. From Experiment we verify the theoretical explanations,​ and in turn conduct the experiments further based on the proved explanation,​ which further influences the theory. Thus the practice becomes scientific.
 +More and more on trying to model a known system - even when it is simple - we did realized that understanding a systems behaviour within necessary boundaries is what we get from wishful testing, if we get what we need and if we know how to regulate the system to get the desired outcome we are happy and fulfilled in implementing the designed control system with known information. However, as the reality is not equal to the mathematical model implemented in our minds, papers, computational logic, we end up experiencing unintended behaviour at certain conditions which we earlier dictated as system'​s reaction to exogenous inputs or disturbances or unknown behaviour under which the system drives towards a chaotic behaviour/​regime. Control systems does not help us.
 +We end up accepting that modeling a system within a certain boundary assumptions is not enough and start exploring the systems with several components connected with each other, while each one having its non-linear characteristics and dynamic with changing conditions, we learn how systems are much sensitive to initial conditions, driving us towards complex nature - requiring complexity theory to explain further.
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