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-====== Content Creation & Organization ====== 
-For any community that tries to be a mass movement a constant touch with the current social/economic issues are of prime importance. This requires a constant allocation of work time from all committed peers, members, volunteers, mentors in the community to produce a periodic synchronized response. This needs : 
-  - Patience to digest and process 
-  - Sensitivity to Information carrying social problems 
-  - Commitment to plan & allocate time 
-  - Skill to deliver the content in recommended form 
-  - Accountability to face the situation & results 
-  - Solidarity to stay united in all situations 
-These prerequisites must be taken care by the social process in the community & movement culture. Once those are fulfilled, a streamlined workflow must be available that provides both means of production, resources, guidance and collaborative review, all within the time frame dictated by the severity of the social issue. The compromise in content quality shall not be taken lightly but the presentation quality can be improved over time. 
-{{ content-org.png?600 }} 
-The issue to be addressed decides the timeline thresholds. So within the time available to the community, the nature of the situation has to be assessed critically and using the earlier experience and mentors advice. A properly organized workflow can able to publish the content created within hours. To organize a workflow a reliable set of tools and skill set are required, which in turn need to be shared & updated with the peers continuously. **__Content Generation should be a social process & needs a historical dialectical understanding__**. By having such cultural practice, the labour collectively put into generation shall be made fruitful as a learnable feedback for the collective as well as strengthening the moral, understanding of the philosophy, politics in practice, and peer empathy. For any mass movement, content generation most of the times geared towards addressing social & economic issues. 
-Thus to engage in content production the following three parameters should be taken care of : 
-  - **Communication Skill** [address in people language while being critical] 
-  - **Intersectionality** [legal, social, social, economic, technological aspects] 
-  - **Criticality** [Historical incidents, References, Patterns, Parallels] 
-  - **Reliable Collective Technical skill** [tools, instruments, means of making] 
-The following flow diagram shall be used as a guideline to engage in content production based on the community EC critical guidelines & discussions. 
-{{ content-org-tool-workflow.png?600 }}