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Books are essential for learning knowledge and such learning must be through a process of science. Books need not be romanticized. Books reflect human society and thus its biases too. However when it comes to technology that have basic underpinning to science and scientific methods, we are good to gain knowledge from it and share it by expressing the learned knowledge in various forms, if possible using computer and computing art as tools. Thus to be creative, learning, unlearning, skilling, collaborative effort(study circles ?) from community are necessary.

Do you know why & how community recommends these ?

No. Book Name Scope Why should we read it ?
1. Structure & Interpretation of Computer Programs Engineering Art Learn why one need to know about programming, & How to ?
2. Usable & Useful - on the origins of transparent design in personal computing Critical Article Access Crisis, Transparency, Relationship with Computing

No. Book Name Scope Why should we read it ?
1. Because Internet Understanding the New Rules of Language Learn how internet has influenced language
2. Dark Fiber Tracking Critical Internet Culture Learn how internet influenced social media, its critique
3. Principle of notworking concepts in critical internet culture Network, culture Free cooperation & Organized Networks
4. In the Shade of the Commons. Towards a Culture of Open Networks Open Network Culture Bridging ‘information society’ in Europe and India through culture and communication
5. Money Lab Reader An Intervention in Digital Economy Democratization of the design of our financial futures
6. My Creativity Reader A Critique of Creative Industries
7. Networks Without a Cause A Critique of Social Media Critique of monopolized internet
8. Reformatting Politics Information Technology & Global Civil Society Networked communication and Political Economy
9. Sad by Design - On Platform Nihilism Digital Barricades Monopoly social platforms & interior lives
10. Unlike Us Reader Social Media Monopolies and Their Alternatives Struggle, Critique, Alternatives
11. Zero Comments Blogging and Critical Internet Culture New media Culture, critique
12. Manufacturing Consent
13. Weapons of Math Destruction
14. Master Algorithm
15. Uberland
16. People Vs Tech
17. Datafied Society
18. Cyber Sexy

No. Article Scope Why should we read it ?
1. Privacy Preserving Systems and Ethical Research Practices Privacy, Robots information privacy and ethical imperatives
2. Book of Why Causation, Correlation Don't blindly believe AI. Critically think and act on Data Driven Algorithms
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