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Technological become ubiquitous in everyone's life. This has happened throughout history, and increasingly accelerated with hegemonic economic forces that perpetuates technocracy by making technology more purchasable, by increasing the purchase power for individualized, and compartmentalized citizens. Technocratic logic of social-problem solving and Neoliberalism goes hand in hand.

Today comes with diverse packages, with various structures, forms, floor plans, etc… Which ever class, caste, religion, race, language one belongs to - reality of social stratification, it just exploits the greedy consumption habit within us. This is no simple feat. It happened only after appropriation of media, by powerful business models that currently stands in contradiction with the humanity itself. We cry and demand for both consumerism as well as humanity.

As people becomes more interconnected, interpenetrated using and with technology. It is necessary for a engineer, technologist, to be aware of its social impact in both short and long term; in micro and macro level political economy. Every action that a developer, designer, researchers, programmer, engineer, takes its going to impact a mass scale beyond assumption.

Saying that one is ignorant of the action, or being sincerely ignorant is a mark of irresponsibility and absence of professional ethics.

Analog to Digital

World has shifted from Analog to Digital. It has its advantages. For example, one can read this page, because information is digitally quantified. Along with it, Capital, Profit, Power, Automation, Monoculture, Monopoly got accelerated and also packaged itself digitally. Their underpinning with the society and its influence on individual behaviour is much wider and deeper and latent than ever before.

With that, technology evolved from being a tool, to a mallet that orders our life style. We can crystallize, and connect the dots :

  1. Algorithms
  2. Internet
  3. Data
  4. Society

Digital Quantification of Information or Digitization fundamentally means, quantifying energies in terms of Voltage, or Current first discretely with respect to time, and then again quantifying the result in terms of Voltage Level (amplitude). This made measurement, interpretation and expression close to mathematical quantity and informational expression of the quantity, using combinations of digits in the simplest form of numerical system in hand - binary - with 0's and 1's. Unlike decimal number system, binary system can just have two fundamental state for any measurand and can thus any measurable quantity can be written in combinations of 0 and 1.

Another biggest advantage is that since measurand can be expressed, stored in terms of discretized voltages (i.e, V > 2.5V means 1; else 0), now any other Rule, Condition, Logic, Model can be expressed in same way using different combination of 0's and 1's. To a computing machinery, there is no difference between Data and Program. It is only us who abstractly assigned that such and such as input port, output port, and program.

Since the Analytical Engine, and Ada Lovelace's insight with Analytical Engine, the conception of Algorithms have been widened and pushed to expands its limits. By creating electrical and electronic devices that can digitize the analog environment, take decisions based on digitized logic, rule, … computation emerged.

Thus Algorithms, Data, Internet and Society become entangled forever and established relationships with each other, creating influences on each other.


Audits & Algorithms

Optimization & Fairness

Tools & Frameworks

No. Framework Purpose Community Tool Link
1. Protective Optimization Technologies To protect against optimization problem & solutions Turkopticon Git
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